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It's been a while since I have posted an entry here, or updated any code on github. This is mostly due to working long days now that I have moved to a full-time programming job. I do still want to work on my own projects though and I have finally started getting back into it.

For a while I resisted the idea of using dub to manage my D projects. This was because I valued being able to compile my own projects letting me develop solutions that require only the bare-bones to run.

I recently gave dub a go and I am super happy with it's ability to manage dependencies, build configurations and produce sublime text project files.

Part of my goal with this project was to configure continuous integration along with unit testing to develop some useful and robust open-source software. For continuous integration I have opted with Travis CI for automatic builds and Coveralls for test coverage.

I have now converted the d logger I have written about previously to library and added it to the Dub package repository, called logd-html. This makes it easy for me to include in future projects, the first of which is my game engine joshDeng.

Writing a game engine is no simple task, even a small basic engine requires a large amount of infrastructure. As I can only work on this project in my, currently limited, free-time, it could be some time before I get a usable build going, but my intention is to put together a system at a time and add extra modules, such as audio and physics, as I need them. My aim is to have the engine included in the dub packages also so it can be easily pulled into different projects.

That's it for now, but I should have more coming soon.


Holmgang pits two players against each other in a battle for divine supremacy! Choose from four heroes to take to the field of battle and prove the might of their god! This hotseat turn-based strategy game will test your tactics as you hand pick your troops, set their formation, and strive to take control of the battlefield. Which god will reign supreme?

D Draw Client

As a task to learn network coding we had to develop a art app which sent it's infomation to a server to be drawn. We also had to output a heat map of where the user's cursor went. Finally we had the option of sending and receiving cursor postion and a single byte of data at regualr intevals, I sent my chosen draw colour's red channel and drew a square for each received cursor setting the red channel to the recieved data. I wrote this app in D mostly becuase I really like D's syntax and for the added challenege of linking with SDL and coding without an IDE. I think it's important to be comfortable in many environments with many different build pipelines, this task helped to do so.


A tool for working with hex grids in unity. I struggled learning how to work with hexes so when I learnt, with the help of Red Blob Games, I made this tool to make the job easier for others. Feedback is appreciated


logd-html is a lightweight logger which writes to a html file; this allows formatted output and the potential for controls to review specific events, etc. Based on logger originally written by Patrick Monaghan

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